Priyanka Chopra has a water bottle for emotional support: ‘As long as I have that and my family, I’m ok’

Priyanka Chopra appeared on the podcast Call Her Daddy, where she opened up about her childhood and constantly having to move with her family. The Love Again actress revealed how traveling a lot shaped her and turned her into a more “transient” person. She also discussed how she does not have material attachments other than her “special water bottle.”

Priyanka Chopra talks about her emotional support bottle 

Priyanka admitted that even if she doesn’t “need” her bed, she has to have her special water bottle. While talking to Alex Cooper on the Call Her Daddy podcast, the Citadel actress revealed, “Even now, I don’t think I have material attachments. Like, I’m not like I need my bed. I can just grab a bunch of s*** and go to another hotel, and like, I can move, and like, I’m just transient.”

Priyanka confessed that there are only a few things she actually likes, one of them being her “emotional support water bottle.” She added, “As long as I have that and my family, I’m ok.”

Priyanka calls Nick her champion

Priyanka spoke about how supportive her husband, Nick Jonas, is of her professional endeavors. She also disclosed how she took a break from dating for two years because she felt like she had to take up the role of the “caretaker” in every relationship. Chopra revealed how it all changed when she started seeing Nick; she said, “He thrives in seeing me shine; he is the most excited about the shows I’m doing.”

The Citadel actress added, “It’s just like, come on, what was I thinking [before]? That’s what you want – you want your man to be your champion. You don’t want your man to be insecure by you or intimidated by you. I’m an alpha girl, I’m an ambitious girl, I’m a go-getter, and I’m not ashamed of that.”

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Priyanka talks about her childhood

Priyanka opened up about her childhood in India; she revealed that her father was in the military, which meant her family had to move around a lot, and how it had a “positive” effect on her. Chopra spoke about having to move for the first time when she was in kindergarten and how her younger self could not comprehend what was happening. 

The actress explained how she had to leave all her friends behind and that made her really mad at her father. She narrated the incident, “I was doing really well in class, my best friend, her name was Denise, and she and I cried, and I was really mad at my dad, and I was like, I don’t want to leave here. Why do I have to leave if you have to leave?”

Priyanka explained how her father’s explanation impacted the move for her in a good way, “He was like, you know, your math class that you don’t like at all? Because, like, if you go to a new school, they won’t know you don’t like math. Because, like, if you go to the new school, you can be whatever you want.” She revealed that this “pivoted” her for her whole life. 

Meanwhile, Chopra is currently basking in the success of her web series titled Citadel. She is also gearing up for the release of her movie, Love Again. And, as of now, the actress has kick-started work on her next project, Head of States, co-starring John Cena and Idris Elba.

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