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With the 2023 NFL season a third of the way done, we can comfortably start taking a look at the race for the No. 1 overall pick in next year’s draft. It has quickly become clear which teams will not be contending for anything this season. But with one winless team and five others with just a single victory, it’s jumbled at the top – or bottom.

The Carolina Panthers and Houston Texans held the top two picks in last year’s draft and took quarterbacks. With USC‘s Caleb Williams and UNC‘s Drake Maye looking like can’t-miss prospects, whoever is in position at the top of the draft board by the end of the season should be ecstatic. Even if they already thought they had their franchise QB on the roster.

The Current 2024 NFL Draft Order

  1. Chicago Bears (via CAR): 0-6 record, .531 strength of schedule
  2. Chicago Bears: 1-5 record, .464 strength of schedule
  3. Denver Broncos: 1-5 record, .531 strength of schedule
  4. Arizona Cardinals: 1-5 record, .561 strength of schedule
  5. New York Giants: 1-5 record, .570 strength of schedule
  6. New England Patriots: 1-5 record, .570 strength of schedule
  7. Minnesota Vikings: 2-4 record, .500 strength of schedule
  8. Tennessee Titans: 2-4 record, .536 strength of schedule
  9. Green Bay Packers: 2-4 record, .434 strength of schedule
  10. Los Angeles Chargers: 2-4 record, .505 strength of schedule

Theoretically, eight teams in the current top 10 could be looking hard at selecting a quarterback next year. The Bears could pull the plug earlier than expected on Justin Fields and the Patriots could do the same with Mac Jones. Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray and Daniel Jones are trade candidates with big contracts. Kirk Cousins is likely to leave in free agency after this year, as is Ryan Tannehill. Jordan Love hasn’t shown enough to warrant a big second contract.

The Chargers are the only team who can actually feel comfortable with their current starting quarterback. Justin Herbert has been one of the better players at the position in the NFL since entering the league.

The Broncos and Cardinals have new head coaches who will be clamoring to bring in their own, hand-selected quarterback in 2024, but the Bears currently control the top of the draft. Chicago did so in 2023 also, getting a haul from the Panthers in order for Carolina to draft Bryce Young first overall. That has led to the Bears owning the top two picks in next year’s edition.

That could very well change by the end of the season, but the Panthers can’t seem to come close to beating anyone. Meanwhile, Fields just suffered a throwing hand injury and the Bears defense has been a sieve.

Of course, Chicago would likely have a lot of suitors for the second overall pick if the order stays this way. It’s fair to wonder if they would draft Williams and pair him with Ohio State standout WR Marvin Harrison Jr. with the second pick.

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