Fantasy plays: Players to start and sit for NFL Week 7 – The Caledonian-Record

Welcome to the first big group of bye weeks of the season.

A whopping six teams (the Panthers, Bengals, Cowboys, Texans, Jets, and Titans) are off for Week 7, and we’re feeling it in fantasy.

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kAm— (2?’s2=6 #@3:?D@? W}*vX 😀 C24<:?8 FA E2C86ED] %9@F89 96’D A=2J65 ;FDE ea]gT @7 D?2AD E96 A2DE E9C66 H66 H:E9 2 a`]fT E2C86E D92C6 @G6C E92E DA2?] !2CC:D r2>A36== 92D 72==6? @FE @7 E96 H:56 C646:G6C C@E2E:@? 😕 }6H *@C<[ A@:?E:?8 E@ E96 v:2?ED’ 4@?7:56?46 :? #@3:?D@?] w6 5@6D?’E 92G6 2 E@? @7 FAD:56 3FE AC@G:56D 2 D276 7=@@C 2?5 86ED 2 3F>A 😕 7F==\!## D4@C:?8 7@C>2ED]k^Am

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kAm— zJ=6 !:EED U2>Aj y@??F $>:E9 Wp%{X >2<6 FA E96 C2C6 E:89E\6?5 5F@ H9@ 2C6 3@E9 DE2CE\23=6 :? 72?E2DJ] $:?46 (66< a[ 3@E9 !:EED 2?5 $>:E9 2C6 A=2J:?8 >@C6 E92? ecT @7 D?2AD 2?5 86EE:?8 36EE6C E92? 2 `fT E2C86E D92C6] $>:E9 😀 E96 %tg Wg]h A@:?ED A6C 82>6X 2?5 !:EED 😀 E96 %t`a Wf]bX @G6C E92E DA2?[ D@ E96 FD286 😀 4=62C=J EC2?D=2E:?8 E@ 72?E2DJ DF446DD] %2>A2 q2J 92D 366?[ 3J 72C[ E96 D:?8=6\H@CDE >2E49FA 7@C @AA@D:?8 E:89E 6?5D 2D :E 92D 2==@H65 E96 76H6DE 25;FDE65 72?E2DJ A@:?ED A6C E2C86E W_]fdX E@ E96 A@D:E:@?] w@H6G6C[ E96 qF4D 24EF2==J 2==@H65 E96 `_E9\9:896DE E2C86E C2E6 E@ E96 A@D:E:@?[ AFEE:?8 3@E9 pE=2?E2 A2DD 42E496CD H:E9:? DE2CE:?8 4@?D:56C2E:@?]k^Am

kAm— {F<6 |FD8C2G6 WvqX H2D EC6?5:?8 FA AC:@C E@ vC66? q2J’D 3J6 27E6C 96 E:65 9:D 42C66C 9:89 H:E9 D:I C646AE:@?D 2?5 925 E96 =2C86DE E2C86E D92C6 Wac]`TX @7 9:D J@F?8 42C66C :? (66< d] {:<6 >@DE E:89E 6?5D[ |FD8C2G6 😀 72C 7C@> 2 DFC6 E9:?8] w@H6G6C[ 96’D ?@H 42F89E D:I A2DD6D 2?5 92D 82C?6C65 2E =62DE 2? `gT E2C86E D92C6 😕 9:D A2DE EH@ 7F== 962=E9J 82>6D] s6?G6C 92D 2==@H65 E96 >@DE J2C5D A6C C@FE6 CF? Wa]_gX 2?5 E96 9:896DE 42E49 C2E6 Wgc]`TX E@ @AA@D:?8 E:89E 6?5D E9:D D62D@?[ >2<:?8 |FD8C2G6 2 3@C56C=:?6 >FDE\DE2CE 😕 (66< f]k^Am

kAm— s2G:5 };@6 D:?46 (66< ` =2DE H66<[ 3FE 96 925 2 ba\J2C5 E@F495@H? ?682E65 3J 2 9@=5:?8 42==] w25 E92E ?@E 366? 42==65 324<[ H6’5 AC@323=J 36 E2=<:?8 23@FE };@FDE\DE2CE E9:D H66<] w6’D 366? :?G@=G65 2D 2 A2DD 42E496C C682C5=6DD @7 H9@’D F?56C 46?E6C 2?5 :D @FE E96C6 @? D=:89E=J >@C6 E92? fdT @7 D?2AD] %96 r@=ED 92G6 366? DE@FE 282:?DE E:89E 6?5D[ 3FE E96J’G6 2==@H65 E96> E@ 36 E2C86E65 2E E96 D64@?5\9:896DE C2E6 Waa]hTX] %92E A@E6?E:2= G@=F>6 😀 6?@F89 E@ >2<6 };@

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kAm— r@=6 z>6E WrwxX 925 ;FDE 2 `a]dT E2C86E D92C6 =2DE H66< — 9:D =@H6DE >2C< @7 E96 D62D@?] ~? E@A @7 E92E[ 96 C2? 2 D62D@?\=@H cg]bT @7 C@FE6D 56DA:E6 A=2J:?8 hd]cT @7 D?2AD] %96C6’D 2 A@DD:3:=:EJ H96C6 %JD@? q286?E FD6D z>6E 2D 2 D276EJ 3=2?<6E 2?5 z>6E E9C:G6D 282:?DE E96 #2:56CD D64@?52CJ[ 3FE x’> >@C6 :?4=:?65 E@ 36=:6G6 r9:428@ 😀 8@:?8 E@ CF? E96 32== 2 =@E] %96C6’D FAD:56[ 3FE z>6E’D 7=@@C 😀 AC6EEJ =@H E9:D H66<]k^Am

kAm— !2E uC6:6C>FE9 W!x%X D2:5 E92E 96’== A=2J E9:D H66<[ 2?5 x’> ?@E DFC6 H92E E@ 5@] ~? @?6 92?5[ uC6:6C>FE9 92D 64=:AD65 f J2C5D 😕 ;FDE @?6 @7 9:D 7@FC 82>6D E9:D D62D@? 2?5 C2? H:E9 2 `_]aT E2C86E D92C6] ~? E96 @E96C 92?5[ E96 #2>D 92G6 366? @?6 @7 E96 72?E2DJ\7C:6?5=J 5676?D6D 😕 E96 }u{ E9:D D62D@?[ 8:G:?8 FA E96 7@FCE9\>@DE 25;FDE65 72?E2DJ A@:?ED A6C E2C86E W`]faX E@ E96 A@D:E:@?] %96C6’D 46CE2:?=J 2 42D6 E@ A=2J 9:> 5FC:?8 2 3J6\962GJ H66<[ ;FDE 5@?’E 36 D9@4<65 :7 96 DECF88=6D]k^Am

kAm— |:4926= |2J6C W{‘X 😀 @FC E@A E:89E\6?5 DEC62>6C E9:D H66< 7@C 2 C62D@?] %96 9:89=J E@FE65 C@@<:6 D6E 42C66C 9:89D 24C@DD E96 3@2C5 =2DE H662<:?8 E96 C@@<:6 2? :?EC:8F:?8 DE2CE]k^Am

kAm%:6C ci $:E :7 A@DD:3=6k^Am

kAm— %J=6C w:8366 W{p#X 92D ?@H 925 g]gT 2?5 `c]bT E2C86E D92C6D 😕 E96 7:CDE EH@ H666C6 7@FC C646AE:@?D @G6C E92E DA2?[ E96C6 ;FDE :D?’E 6?@F89 G@=F>6 4@>:?8 9:D H2J E@ H2CC2?E 2 DE2CE 282:?DE 2 $E66=6CD 5676?D6 2==@H:?8 E96 D64@?5\76H6DE 25;FDE65 72?E2DJ A@:?ED A6C E2C86E W_]h`X E@ E96 A@D:E:@?]k^Am

kAm— +249 tCEK Wp#xX >2J 92G6 =@DE 9:D DE2CE:?8 ;@3] {2DE H66< tCEK 8@E @FE\D?2AA65 Wcb\bcX 3J %C6J |4qC:56 7@C E96 7:CDE E:>6 2== D62D@?] %96 G6E6C2? C2? >@C6 C@FE6D Wab\a_X 2?5 E96J E:65 H:E9 7:G6 E2C86ED 2A:646[ 3FE E92E’D DE:== 325 ?6HD 7@C tCEK’D 72?E2DJ AC@DA64ED] %96C6 2C6 DFC6=J 36EE6C @AE:@?D @? E96 H2:G6C H:C6]k^Am

k9C ^m

kAmu@C >@C6 72?E2DJ @C DA@CED 36EE:?8 ?6HD[ 8@ E@ k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]72?5F6=]4@>^C6D62C49Qmu2?sF6= #6D62C49k^2mk^Am

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Rohit Palit

Periodista deportivo y graduado en Ciencias de la Comunicación de Madrid. Cinco años de experiencia cubriendo fútbol tanto a nivel internacional como local. Más de tres años escribiendo sobre la NFL. Escritor en desde 2023.

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