Saints’ Moreau blames himself for TNF loss to Jaguars: ‘It’s just pathetic’ – Marca English

Week 7 of the 2023 NFL season began with a tight contest on Thursday Night Football.

The Jacksonville Jaguars nearly blew a substantial halftime advantage but made a stand in the red zone to leave New Orleans with a 31-24 victory over the Saints. New Orleans launched a furious comeback attempt and even tied the game at 24, but the hosts came up just short at the end of the fourth quarter.

On third-and-goal from the Jacksonville 6, Saints quarterback Derek Carr tossed a perfect pass to the corner of the end zone for wide-open tight end Foster Moreau. But Moreau could not haul it in, the ball slipping right through his grasp.

Despite their positive point differential, the Saints now sit at 3-4 after dropping consecutive games. Moreau assigned himself a large portion of the blame for Thursday’s defeat — even though New Orleans started slowly and trailed by two scores at halftime.

Moreau: “It’s a dark place to be”

Speaking postgame, Moreau took responsibility for the drop on third down and described to reporters the “dark place” in which he found himself mentally.

“Yeah, you know, it’s tough,” Moreau said. “In front of every man, woman and child I’ve ever known. It’s a dark place to be. It’s the National Football League. It doesn’t come down to one play, but it comes down to one play.”

But one of New Orleans‘ leaders quickly came to Moreau’s defense after the game finished. Running back Alvin Kamara told reporters that Moreau — a survivor of Hodgkin’s lymphoma — will make more plays, and bigger plays, in the future.

However, Moreau may take a couple days to get over the drop, as there are now 10 days in between games for New Orleans.

The team fought. The team fought as hard as we did. It’s just unacceptable, it’s just pathetic.

Foster Moreau

Week 7 features not one but TWO potential Super Bowl previews

The two Super Bowl previews you could see in NFL Week 7Parker Johnson

State of play in the NFC South

The Saints fell under .500 after losing to the Jaguars. This gives the Atlanta Falcons (3-3) and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-2) the opportunity to leap into first place in the division this weekend. The winner of the head-to-head matchup in Tampa will be in the driver’s seat after seven weeks of play.

Bringing up the rear in the NFC South are the Carolina Panthers, the NFL‘s sole winless team at 0-6. Carolina has allowed 42 points in consecutive weeks and are on a much-needed bye in Week 7 as it desperately seeks a reset.

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