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As the NFL trade deadline looms on Oct. 31st, the New York Giants find themselves in a challenging position with their star running back, Saquon Barkley. Despite being the team’s best player, Barkley is emerging as a tempting trade prospect.

Once seen as the beating heart of the Giants, Barkley‘s current contract scenario, compounded by the Giants‘ unexpected 1-5 start, has fired trade whispers. In fact, before the season began, teams like the Dolphins showed interest in acquiring the Pro Bowl back, especially when Barkley hadn’t put pen to paper on his one-year, $10.1 million franchise tag.

However, Barkley‘s loyalty to the Giants is evident. “Everyone knows how I feel,” Barkley mentioned post-practice on Thursday. “Everyone knows I don’t want to get traded.” Despite his commitment to the team, the football business is unpredictable, especially if the team continues to underperform.

Addressing his future, Barkley said,

Obviously, I’ve been vocal and public about how I feel about this organization and where I want to be. Knowing the business and seeing that side of it, there’s a lot of things I can’t control. I don’t think anybody in their right mind would want to get traded anywhere. It’s not an easy thing to do: You’ve got to move. I have a family. I would love to be here.

Saquon Barkley

Barkley‘s recent return from a high ankle sprain showcased his resilience, with 24 carries for 93 yards against the Bills. But beyond personal stats, his undeniable value to the Giants is clear. With two of the five touchdowns for the team, he stands as a beacon in an offense that’s been quiet for over 200 game minutes. Without him, the Giants would lose a critical offensive component and, perhaps, the enthusiasm of their home crowd.

Mike Kafka seems to put his faith in the other RBs

Offensive coordinator Mike Kafka acknowledged Barkley’s importance but maintained an optimistic front. “Saquon’s a big piece of our running game, but I have complete confidence in all the other guys as well to do the job,” said Kafka. “Saquon has big-play ability – all of our backs have big-play ability.”

Though Barkley‘s salary of $4.9 million post this week might be appealing for teams seeking an impactful player, it’s the Colts‘ recent signing of Jonathan Taylor to a three-year, $42 million extension that provides a broader market context.

As for Barkley, his eyes remain set on turning the Giants’ season around. “All it takes is one – one win to get the confidence,” he asserted. “Even in the games you lose, you can find that sometimes that can be a helpful turning point throughout the season. We could use that [loss to the Bills] as the turning point and help catapult us to come into this week playing back in our stadium, with our fans against a divisional opponent and get a divisional win. Could be the start of something special.”

However, with the clock ticking towards the trade deadline, the question remains: will Barkley‘s undeniable talent and passion for the Giants culminate in a triumphant season turnaround, or will it lead to an unexpected farewell?

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