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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — It’s time to bust out those rakes (or leaf blowers if you want to be more technological!) and clean up those leaves scattered about your lawn!

Each town and city in the Greater Rochester Area offers services, resources, and tips for their residents on what they need to do to get rid of their leaf piles this Fall season.

News 8 has compiled a list of some Rochester-area municipalities and what they offer in terms of getting rid of leaves. Residents are encouraged to check with their towns for different rules on what they must do:


The Town of Brighton began leaf collecting earlier in the week, but residents are warned that it may take several weeks for crews to pick up leaves from yards.

Crews will pick up bulk leaves and leaves in containers throughout the Fall season. You may also drop off leaves at designated spots throughout the town. Residents may not put piles in the road or in gutters.

A map of pick-up zones can be found on the Town of Brighton’s website.

City of Rochester

City residents are mailed guides that include a schedule of free, loose leaf collection pick-ups each year, with instructions on what they need to do to get rid of their leaves.

Residents are asked to rake leaves into loose piles between the curb and sidewalk before Mondays of each week to be picked up. Residents are reminded that it is illegal to put leaves onto the streets and sidewalks.

The city says that the leaf piles will be picked up on any day of that given week. More information can be found in the “At Your Service” guide.


Up until December 9, the Town of Greece will be picking up leaves, but residents are being told not to place them into piles for crews to pick up.

Instead, residents are being asked to place them into paper bags for them to be picked up by the Department of Public Works. Plastic bags will not be accepted.

If paper bags don’t work, leaves can be placed in certain 30-gallon garbage bins or they can be taken to drop-off sites. Once again, no plastic bags, containers, or brush are to be left at these drop-offs.

A full list of rules and the schedule for each area of the town are posted on Greece’s website.


In most cases, the Town of Irondequoit does not offer leaf pick-up services — outside of some waste haulers who come by and compost your leaves — but the town offers other ways to get rid of them.

The town offers drop-offs at their Department of Public Works facility on East Ridge Road every day starting October 28 until November 23.

However, for the most part, Irondequoit residents are encouraged to compost their leaves. The town’s website offers resources that can walk you through the process of doing so.


Penfield also does not provide leaf pick-up services — residents are encouraged to either mulch or compost leaves, if possible.

Penfield residents who are unable to get rid of their leaves through these means or have too many leaves are asked to look into contractors that provide leaf pick-up services.


The Town of Perinton’s Department of Public Works will send crews to pick up loose leaves throughout the season — as long as they are placed inside reusable containers or garbage cans.

As with many other towns, the rules remain the same — do not mix leaves in the pile with brush or debris, and do not place leaves in the street or near fire hydrants.

For residents unsure when their leaves will be picked up, the town is reminding them to keep in mind it may take up to six weeks to collect leaves. Make sure to look out for signs that display that they are coming soon!


Victor’s Department of Public Works will come to yards periodically throughout the fall to clean up leaves via a vacuum.

Crew members only come around periodically on dates between October 22 through Thanksgiving or at least on the first day of heavy snowfall.

Residents are asked to place loose leaves in a row on the curb — not in gutters or ditches as it could lead to flooding on your property.


The Town of Webster’s leaf collection season starts back up on Monday, October 23 and they have rules on how you have to keep your piles for pick-up as well.

According to the town, leaves are to be placed at the edge of the lawn — and they must only be leaves. Twigs, branches, grass clippings, or any other form of debris are not to be placed in these piles.

Webster has an online form for residents to submit questions about leaf pick-up here. Each area of the town is organized into zones, which can be found here.

Residents are reminded to check with their town and village’s websites in order to determine their rules and schedules for leaf pick-up.

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