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His latest album highlights the singer/songwriter’s talent for putting his thoughts and emotions to music and his gift for showcasing his voice as he does it.

After the release of Aaron Lewis’ new album The Hill, it soared to the top of the iTunes All Genre and Country charts, debuting at No. 1 on both.

Lewis describes the ten new songs, all of which he wrote with a small group of songwriters as a 50/50 mix.

Half of the songs show a more thoughtful, reflective side of Lewis as he looks back over 51 years of life, and some of the choices he’s made, with songs like “Spinnin,” “Little More Mine,” and “Over the Hill.”

In describing “Over the Hill,” Lewis said recently, “It’s the realization that we all make mistakes, take different paths and learn as we go. I’ve embraced it with no regrets.”

The other half are songs reflecting his frustration with some of the problems he sees facing the country, songs like “Made in China,” “Up to Me” and “Let’s Go Fishing,” a song that’s not really about fishing at all.

The songs echo some of the sentiments he shared in his 2021 hit “Am I the Only One” which rocketed to the top of the charts becoming a GOLD-certified No. 1 Billboard hit.

Lewis says, for him, writing songs has always been about delving deeper into things that matter, and not simply crafting catchy phrases just to sell songs.

“That’s never been my approach,” he says, “and I’ve never really had that much of an appreciation for those types of songs.

With his songwriting so deeply personal, Lewis only writes with a select group of people.

“I don’t write bubble gum shit,” he says. “There’s heart and there’s pain and there’s feeling behind all of these songs. So, I’m just comfortable writing with a few people.”

Lewis is a Vermont-native who found success first with the rock group Staind. He later went on to pursue a love of country music that began decades ago as a young boy listening to his grandparents’ country 8-tracks. He’s been able to balance both careers, alternating as frontman for Staind, as well as performing as a solo country artist.

“I’m able to express a lot of stuff through one outlet,” he says, “and a bunch of other stuff through the other outlet.”

Doing both, however, can take its toll, especially with a demanding tour schedule. Last year Lewis had to reschedule some of his solo shows when doctors told him he needed to rest his vocal cords.

He says as much as he enjoys writing and recording new music, there’s nothing like performing it live.

“Live shows are where the rubber hits the road. That’s where you put your money where your mouth is. I don’t care how good you sound in the studio, I don’t care how good you sound on a record, the proof is how you sound live.”

There will be many opportunities this year to see Lewis perform live with his American Patriot Tour. For show dates visit:

Aaron LewisTour – Aaron Lewis

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