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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – The contract between northwest Ohio healthcare giant, ProMedica, and Cigna Insurance officially ended Monday, April 1, 2024.

According to ProMedica’s website, “Ohio patients with CIGNA commercial insurance could be responsible for 100% of billed charges for services provided by ProMedica out-of-network facilities and PPG providers, subject to ProMedica’s financial assistance and charitable care policy.”

That said, the two companies are still trying to work something out, leaving patients like Joel Curcio in limbo.

“It affects the decisions people in the community are making. Now we have to second guess when my kids are sick do we go to the doctor right away or do we wait until we can find a new doctor, or do we wait until this stuff gets agreed.”

Curcio says he was notified back in February about the possible change, but even after the termination, he is still hoping for a positive outcome.

“They’ve got such a strong hold on this market that they need to take this seriously. They need to come to a decision, they need to come,e to an agreement so that people can go back to resuming their normal doctors,” Curcio said.

ProMedica tells us in a statement:

ProMedica has invested a lot of time, energy and effort into several months of negotiations with Cigna. We have worked diligently with Cigna to try to reach a renewed commercial insurance contract, but unfortunately, we were unable to come to a resolution. As a result, our commercial insurance contract with Cigna was terminated, effective today. That means many ProMedica providers and facilities are now out-of-network for Cigna members. ProMedica patients covered by Cigna who are seeking information on how this situation may affect them can visit

We empathize with our patients covered by Cigna insurance who just want to receive care from their ProMedica provider and have it covered in network. If Cigna had come to the negotiation table with reasonable and competitive terms that reflect the current realities of health care, we would not be in this situation. The fact of the matter is that health systems must have reasonable contracts with payors if they are to deliver high-quality care — reimbursements must cover our rising equipment, pharmaceutical, and staffing expenses.

ProMedica first notified patients about the pending contract termination with Cigna in February 2024 via mailed letters. We expect to continue to remind affected patients via office and registration site personnel and digital channels.

ProMedica remains open to continuing discussions with Cigna regarding a renewed contract, provided the insurance company demonstrates a sincere willingness to reach a fair agreement.

Cigna lays the blame on Promedica saying:

“It is unfortunate that ProMedica continues to demand significant double-digit rate increases that will make health care much more expensive for customers and their families. Our goal is to keep health care affordable for the people we serve, especially as they are managing rising prices due to inflation. We have been negotiating in good faith with ProMedica for months on a fair and reasonable contract.

“It’s important to understand who pays the bills: any increase in cost of care is paid directly by local employers, their employees and families. We hope ProMedica will do what is fair for our shared customers, and we will continue to work with them to reach an agreement before the current contract ends April 1.

”If ProMedica chooses to leave our network, we are ready to help our customers find quality, in-network providers nearby. Our representatives are available 24/7/365 at the phone number printed on a customer’s Cigna ID card or at 1.800.244.6224. Customers can also find in-network hospitals and providers online using or the myCigna mobile app.”

Again, Cigna tells us it is ready to help customers find new, in-network providers. Click here for more information.

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